Xmas Qi Greetings


Greetings all,
Wishing you a happy and peaceful holiday season.


13th December,  7.00pm – 8.30pm
Deep Healing Qi Gong Workshop.  (see description below)
Friday Night Special, Setu Yoga Centre, Clairnbridge, Co Galway,  H91 K2T0
Cost:  €15
4th January,  11.00am – 1.00pm
Yoga and Qi Gong Workshop
Setu Yoga Centre, Clairnbridge, Co Galway, H91 K2T0
Cost €25,  deposit €10
11th January,  2.00pm – 5.00pm
Introduction to Deep Healing Qi Gong Workshop,
Mindfulness Haven ,Terryland House, Galway H91 D2P5
Cost €35,  deposit €15,  Early bird; €30 if paid before 31/12/2019.
Deep Healing Qi Gong Workshop Description:
We will be practicing some gentle yet powerful exercises which can result in many physical, mental and emotional benefits.  Regardless of age or physical abilities Qi Gong can offer a wide range of benefits to all.
We will be covering the following topics:
Meditation, Breath and Movement
Inner Alchemy
Self Healing
Deposits can be paid through PayPal, email:
(deposits are refundable up to 7 days before the event)
Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries or for more information on what we’ll be doing at the events.
Regards Colin

086 329 8392


Newsletter Dec 2019

Early  Xmas greetings to u all .
Few events to update u with  .
Dec 7th
Workshop to the ancient art of self healing through movement with practitioner and long-time established Tai Chi teacher Colin Dempsey.
learn and practice:
Qi Gong Basics ,Shaolin Qi Gong, Medical Qi Gong,
theory and questions session

Topic covered meditation, breathing, movement.
Recommendations for daily practice .

Mindfulness Haven Galway, Terryland House ,Headford Rd, Galway City

10 am – 1 pm . cost €35.

I will hopefully run this course again in January date to be announced ..before xmas
Hotel break for over 50s Clifden House hotel,Feb 3rd 4th 5th Includes 2 nites Accommodation .
Daily Tai chi and Meditation sessions ,All meals included ,
Shared room €210
Single room €250 .
Book early to reserve a place latest date 13th Jan  .
€50 deposit secures a place .
I can arrange one in another location for younger age group in many various locations around the country do drop a line if u be interested if we have the numbers could be a good Spring break would have to be early week days  ..
Classes Oranmore is going Strong if u can make it on Thursday evening 7 pm .
If u can make a beginners 6 pm in Jan let me know .
Friday evening will be a Meditation class and Qi Gong in new Yoga Space Setu in Clarinbridge .
The aim of the class is to give a time to unwind after your busy week and let go the tension before the weekend starts
Located across the rd from  swimming pool before brothers of  charity building .
6pm – 6.50 ,Happy to start before Xmas but most likey be Early January ,
4 weeks €30
drop in €10
Booking essential .
Heres a little gift for u all 12 minutes water Meditation guided ..
For future dates to look out for look at
Any questions do give me a call .
Offering gift voucher healing sessions €50 for December only .

Qi Gong dates to keep

Dec 7th . Introductury Workshop on Self healing .

Qi Gong Basics ,Shaolin Qi Gong /Medical Qi Gong Practice sessions .

Theory and Questions session led by Shaolin Practitioner Colin Dempsey .

Topic covered Meditation ,Breathing ,Movement .Daily practice .

Location Galway City ,Unit 30 ,Terryland House ,Headford rd

10 am – 1 pm . cost   €40



Dates to keep in mind ,

Glenmalure Lodge retreat ,29/30/31 May

Tai chi Qi Gong with joint school Jade natural Medicine school owner Anthony Monteith and Colin Dempsey joining to bring u a Natural healing environment and practice to heal and grow .

More details coming soon


Annual Slovakia trip Early September in Modra Mountains with day of Sightseeing in historical City of Bratislava included ,Date and venue details coming in new year …

We had a great trip there this Autumn






I would like to thank you for this amazing event too, it showed to me the aspects of Qi-Gong, I’ m trying to put into my practice as well (the alchemy and shamanic approach) .
I’m also sending my big THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge and experience in such friendly way
I’m looking forward to meet you soon.

I wish you good luck and energy into your practice


Tai Chi Exercise /Qi Gong Classes . Monday Evening 7- 8 pm starts september 23rd ,Amber Healing Center ,Pushing hands after class Thursday Evening  Oranmore .26TH  7 pm – 8 pm  will be more Dynamic ,Deeper stretching combined with Tai Chi  and some meditation . Venue Respond Center Oranmore , direction turn left at church past astroturf Center is located at mini roundabout directly in front ,door towards the back … Monthly fee €50 give u 6 classes of your choice . €40 per month for 4 classes . Drop in €12 Friday Mornings Active in age 55 Oranmore Respond Center €5 drop in  Tai chi and Meditation.This workout is perfect to get u back in shape at a pace that’s comfortable for your body.A good physical warm up with some Mobility exercise Class ends with meditative breathing and gentle stretching Tai chi form . Booking essential Contact Colin 086 3298392


Tai Chi Taster

Thanks to the Sports Partnership for organizing this event with the slightly disabled teenage group in Athenry. The kids all encouraged each other alot and each shook my hand in appreciation after the session ,We could all learn a bit from them .Covered during the session relax Tai chi exercize , self defence Basics along with a bit of Meditation …2019-08-14 20.54.40



Summer Events

Hi all last mail of the Summer few Workshops on if u be interested .
July 6th
Next Saturday a Day to run through Basics and get out into Burren to do Some meditations visit Sacred sites .lunch provided .
Early bird booking €50 /€60 on the day

Nature and the Elements ,Sat 6th 10.00 a start to 5 .

Colins New Poster 2019(1).jpg
July 13th A half day of Yoga /Qi Gong in Nature with the Elements ,
The Marque is up and we invite you to join us for some Summer Exercise and Meditation at Amber Healing,Siobhan Moylan will lead u through some Yoga training and Colin Dempsey will guide you through some Guided healing Meditation and Gentle Qi Gong ,Healthy lunch provided . Cost €40
If u wish to be removed from mailing  list just reply remove.

Why do Tai Chi or any other Exercize

Take a look back in history just 100 years our ancestors would use daily movement of muscles and limbs just to prepare a basic meal .

Cutting of the grass ,Making bread milking cows etc list goes on .

Take a look at today’s modern lifestyle ,some individuals are in the gym Yoga or fitness but others are just using fingers to type and sit from car to Office with very little movement .

Tai chi has unique in it moves energy and blood it also focuses the mind if u concentrate on various application ,techniques its known as a moving Meditation .



Qi Healing trip

The Importance of grounding

After a week in Slovakia teaching Qi Gong and several one to one healing sessions .I had a theme which continually comes up in energy work once ..when a persons energy is  grounded they immediately start to heal,.My work is not to heal anyone but assist them in opening there energy to the Earth firstly .Sometimes skill is needed to sense this and assist in opening certain parts of the body energy system but many people simply are not grounded ,its very easy to ground and only takes a few minutes .I teach it at the start of every class one to one or workshop ..


Summer Qi retreat June 7th 9th

Invitation To weekend Summer retreat  in Esker Monastery

Qi Gong Tai Chi Exercises Meditations and to gather together in Community to nourish each other in a healthy way .

Fri 7th June /Sunday 9th June

schedule  Fri 7.00- 8.30 Sat 10.00- 3.00 pm  ,Sunday 10.00-3.00 pm

Old Monastery Building as you enter the grounds go towards the back of the building go to the blue doors.

The workshop will include Tea /Coffee and all meals  .A walk around the grounds along with some early and mid morning exercises and Meditation .

We will be covering the Basics of Qi Gong Meditation and Tai chi  to give you an introduction to these self healing Methods Hopefuly going home with enough to begin a daily practice

Cost of Retreat €295  €95 deposit secures a place

Contact…  Colin 0863298392

Esker has been a monastic site since the sixteenth century. It was first inhabited by the Dominicans, who escaped from the Abbey in Athenry during a time of persecution. They left here in the eighteen sixties, and it became for some time the diocesan seminary for Clonfert diocese. We Redemptorists came here in 1901, and since then we have served not only the people of the locality, but also through our missions and novenas, the whole of the west of Ireland. Because of this long history and tradition Esker is a special place; people constantly comment on the aura they sense here, the feeling of peace


Qi Gong /Keeping Still

Hi i am keeping a day free for keeping still in normal time and after Meditation.

There are great benefits to Qi Gong and Tai chi along with many other interesting practices .The main problem we have in the West is we start chattering and get carried away with thoughts again with others or on our own .

I know it certainly is not easy to be less distracted by your thoughts me included .I feel if we could master this part many of our health and life problems would simply dissapear .

So if u want to learn something teach it so i heard .I will guide some deep Meditations and the second part will be unguided along with time in Nature and Quite time during Lunch for 20 min sessions roughly and at the end of day we will be a step closer to bringing this into our daily lives .

Saturday the 2nd of March lots of seated Meditation and stillness some Meditation experience or Qi Gong training is required for this day .

Lunch provided €55 non working rates available lake-2267994_1280


February Events 2019

Hi from Amber center .
Im running a course during february on the following dates on Saturday mornings
Sat 2nd ,sat 9th ,sat16th ,sat 23rd,
10.00am -12.30   Weekly €25
The course will cover general Qi gong practice
We will be looking at letting go old patterns and stepping into Spring with renewal course will deepen weekly and help u in healing or recovering from old Trauma .
Medicine walk ,Meditation,stretching ,breathing ,connecting with the elements .
Combined with a bit of social time to be in community together .
Venue Amber healing
postcode H91T32X
Sat 26th Medical Qi Gong is going ahead few spaces left .
Also reminder Thursday evenings going ahead Oranmore ..
Many thanks Colin Hope to see you soon

New Qi Gong /Tai Chi Class Oranmore

Hi all just a short update on classes .
There is a new class starting in respond Oranmore Qi Gong meditation /Tai Chi .
7 pm starts Thursday 15th Nov drop in available .
Drop me a line if u be interested drop in price €12 / 6 classes €55
class includes
Mental health benefits
benefits of Meditation theory
Theory on emotions
most important Practice

Qi Gong Mental Health

Mental health /Qi Gong Workshop.
I will run one workshop on this in Oranmore during Month of Nov date and venue to be announced .
T a i C h i / Q i G o n g
Q i G o n g b a s i c s
S e l f H e a l i n g , r e l a x a t i o n
Theory on benefits of Meditation
Theory on causes results of stress in our daily lives
Practical approach to exercise and Meditation
Book a workshop for any Community group ,School etc
Colin Dempsey
Shaolin laymonk 32nd Generation
Healing tao associate instructor
Contact details

Upcoming Qi Gong Course October

October 13th 14th
This begins a 3 Month course in Shaolin Qi Gong and self Healing
It can also be part of our Instructor training .
Mainly participants will learn in depth the famous 8 silk Brocade along with learning basic anatomy of the Organs and Meridian Channels
embark on a journey of self discovery and meditation to open up yourself to the abilities of healing within each of us ..
non working rates available
Charge for course €375
full schedule
Oct 13th 10.00 am – 4.00 pm
       14th 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
Nov 10th 10.00 – 4.00 pm
        11th 10.00 – 1.00 pm
Dec   8th 10.00 – 4.00pm
          9th 10.00- 1.00 pm

These exercises  can help u get back on your path and empower u in new directions in your daily life or heal old wounds .






Qi Gong Events September 2018

Greetings all
Thursday 20th evening of Meditation in Amber Center
Ceremony for Autumn equinox
starts 7.30 – 9 pm €12
Sat 6th
Work with the five Elements heal your organs and train Meridian Qi Gong .
12 am – 3 pm   cost €30
October 13th 14th
This begins a 3 Month course in Shaolin Qi Gong and self Healing
It can also be part of our Instructor training .
Mainly participants will learn in depth the famous 8 silk Brocade along with learning basic anatomy of the Organs and Meridian Channels
embark on a journey of self discovery and meditation to open up yourself to the abilities of healing within each of us ..
non working rates available
Charge for course €375
full schedule
Oct 13th 10.00 am – 4.00 pm
       14th 10.00 am – 1.00 pm
Nov 10th 10.00 – 4.00 pm
        11th 10.00 – 1.00 pm
Dec   8th 10.00 – 4.00pm
          9th 10.00- 1.00 pm
Regards Colin Dempsey

Qi Gong Workshop

Autumn schedule

Qi Gong training

Saturday afternoon Training 2pm – 5 pm /Sep 8th €30

Opening the 3 Dantiens and Qi Gong stretching of Tendons 8 Silk Brocade along with ceremony of the Elements .

These exercises  can help u get back on your path and empower u in new directions in your daily life or heal old wounds .



Thank you for this intensive, empowering weekend. I came to new realizations, gained great power for the days to come. Amber healing center is a charming place with great energy. I loved the way qi gong and meditative practices were combined at the center as well as in the nearby nature.
Colin, thank you for this healing weekend. A real treat for the body and soul.



Qi Gong relax day

Healing Day of Connection  Qi Gong   Sat July 21st

Relax with Qi Gong Exercises meditation and Taoist Basics during the morning .In the afternoon we will explore local Nature and outdoor methods of connection Iand Garden .These day can help u get back on your path and empower u in new directions in your daily life or heal old wounds .

One day 10.00 am – 3.00 pm  €50  light lunch provided


Qi Gong West Instructor course Testemonial

‘Thank you so much for a thoughtful and well structured course.
I not only learned a lot about the various therapist training and healing but about myself as well.
We covered a wealth of material which I’m sure will be sinking in for a long time yet.
It was a perfect mix of fun and learning with plenty of yummy food, copious cups of tea and excellent banter.
It was invaluable to learn in such a supported and encouraging environment and I know we will all come away with a lot out of it.
Thanks again Colin and I look forward to learning more.’
All the best,


Qi Gong Instructor course

well done to all who have completed year one of this self development course covering taoist basics /Tui na and chi nei tsang basic training we will have annual student gathering in June to bring everyone together for an evening  of meditation food and chill, il announce the dates soon .there are a few spaces on year 2 also get in touch if u be interested more details on instructor training page IMG_0329


Instructor training weekend Qi Gong

Hi there here is a little clip from our current instructor training course https.This group been training Monthly since October 2017 and putting in some time on case studies .Mostly working on personal stuff for year 1 .We are planning a course for September later this year combining acupuncture with our current instructor training ,I will be sharing the training with INMI teacher Anthony Monteith ..


Qi Gong Form April 14th

Primordial Qi Gong  and the Elements day Sat 14th April

10.00 am – 4.00 pm ,Amber Healing Center,Ballindereen, Co. Galway..P1100113download


Learn the original 800 year old lineage form of
Chang San Feng, the 13th century founder of
Tai Chi. This 15 minute form is easy to learn, yet
uniquely powerful. It’s totally different from tai
chi martial or soft “health” styles taught today.
To start, we learn the movements of the form. Then we put our
intention into each movement to connect the elements within our
body and within the earth to deepen the practice.

This form connects many different aspects of yin – yang,male/ female sun/ moon heaven/ earth,future and past meet in the present momenta
magical eternal moment that is truly a gift

Once learned can be practiced daily for maintenance and wellness.

This is a wonderful ceremonial form to practice on solstices and equinoxes.
Some guided meditation will also be part of the day .

Cost €60 pre booking essential

pre payment bookings €50



Healthy Ireland Galway Event

It was great to be part of the launch of healthy  in Claregalway Yesterday  .  I was never in there before but its a really cosy space .The event was well organized with yummy food and snacks and catered for all ages ,Community groups and public in general.Its good to see the Council getting involved in supporting the community in the mental and physical health areas.IMG_0078IMG_0080IMG_0089IMG_0100  I was never in there before but its a really cosy space .The event was well organized with yummy food and snacks and catered for all ages ,Community groups and public in general.Its good to see the Council getting involved in supporting the community in the mental and physical health areas.


Tai Chi Classes Clarinbridge

Follow along these basic movements ,detail is in the Ankle movement and the wrist hand tension as u turn opening the chest muscle after you turn the hip and spine.In relation to the essence of Tai chi this demonstrates 5 basic essence up dpown /left right .along with gripping techniques / Cai .

Join our new Tai chi fitness and self defense class on Monday evenings 7pm in Clarinbridge ,DROP ME A LINE IF U CAN MAKE IT 0863298392


January classes

An update of Class schedule for January

Happy new year from the Amber Center been a wet and wild start lets hope it picks up soon.

Jan 9th 8pm Qi Gong and meditation.

Jan 11th 8pm Tai Chi /Meditation

6 WEEKS €60 .

Also or first Qi Gong healing day is next Saturday 6th at 10.00 am – 4.00 pm

This day will be a great opportunity to get u going after the holidays and reconnect to your flow for 2018.

book in advance minimum 3days .






Basics of Qi Gong covered personal Intention setting for new year and training goals get going for New Year .

Course covers Basic self healing methods for connection and daily practice.

Followed up by 2 one to one Training healing and Guidance sessions during Month of Jan and another one day workshop at end of Month Jan 27th

Along with Online Videos and meditation and phone support if neccessary.

In Taoism we work with the lifeforce to release blocked emotion and focus on goals from an Energetic and centered space .Course will be led by Colin Dempsey Qi Gong Instructor and group facilitator.

One day option €50 full course €200

For more info Contact Colin.   0863298392


Tai Chi truths .?

Hi all felt i would add something about these training methods .I have been training Qi Gong now for over 20 years and Tai chi for at least 12 .The results are im healthy firstly .This does not mean i dont experience stress ,fear anxiety but i do feel it has  less impact and i recognize it much faster now and can change it before i feel bogged down .

In recent years i have incorporated more Tai Chi into my workout as i found personally there wasnt quite enough movement in Qi Gong .Tai Chi has been marketed worldwide as a practice that must be done slow .This is not really true it has to be learned slowly as it goes into subconscious memory faster this way .It also has many cardio breathing exercises /Fa jin .

Tai Chi has one of the best movement systems or as good as many worldwide .when i first met Tai Chi i lived in London as a carpenter .I was at 8 to 9 years of Ninjitsu at this time .I spoke with my Teacher Shi De Lon about internal external ,so i committed myself to 3 Months of Tai Chi .I have to be honest i was absolutely lost at first .Only when my teacher explained some of the martial applications did it begin to make some sense.The interesting thing was when i returned to Ninjitsu practice i found some of the more technical aspects like the senior students could do much more easy to grasp my body had new cogs and intelligence from this slow learning .

Im not comparing the Arts but it should theoretically improve any athletes movement Co ordination foot adjustment being one of the first steps and leg hip movement.we usually move our arms first this takes about 300 muscles .If u move leg first u need many more muscles this opens up new neural pathways in body .

I was also lucky to have good teachers in both these systems  .The basic movement needs to display the five essence .Up Down left right center .your body learns through repitition should be like using the pedals driving u just know where they are so if u not willing to give it some decent time u wont really get the results

more coming soon fell free to comment .enjoy.



Tai Chi /Qi Gong

Some nice Qi in the corcomroe abbey yesterday i often find these places fill me up with energy much faster than home practice ,During our weekend breaks we get out to these local places and do little qi gong/Tai chi or Meditative practices along with coffee pit stops and sightseeing in Burren.


Insight from morning Qi practice

During a morning practice i had an insight about retreats or workshops of this type of thing we sharing.During Qi Gong healing work i am encountering young and old people who feel something is missing or are uncertain about direction anxious etc  ,Why would u go for healing if everything is fine right or u may just not want to find out right now .

Anyway the insight was there kind of floating in my thoughts that many years ago people lived in a tribal community and even up to recent years community in Ireland was much closer .I do remember as a child going to neighbours house for sugar or Milk.Somehow many of us have lost This and along with a sense of Community and

In a tribal community there was always an ear to listen and if a relative died or trauma happened there was still group support for a child or adult along with the wisdom the tribe had gathered over the years .There were annual and monthy rituals and keepers of wisdom within each community.

We often see this in the animal kingdom where the adult teaches the next generation the movements of survival and thriving before they are let into the world alone.

If the adult had not the knowledge the youngster may end up in trouble very soon or learn the hard way .In energy work we learn things are not always as they seem and with connection and trust there is a dynamic way to move through any situation along with good group of wise people family friends etc.

In a Qi Gong weekend retreat people get the chance to be themselves and relax in a supportive community if only for a weekend and learn to open and trust that wisdom.