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31st October 2020
10.00am – 1.00pm
Primordial Chi Kung is a 15 minute form that is easy to learn, yet uniquely powerful.  It is totally different from Tai Chi Martial or the soft “health” styles taught today.   It is a series of gentle movements that recharges you through full body movement and deep breathing.  
This form connects many different aspects of Yin – Yang,  Male – Female,  Sun – Moon,  Heaven – Earth,  Future and Past meeting in the present.  A magical eternal moment that is truly a gift.
To begin, we learn the movements of the form. Then we put our intention into each movement to connect the elements within our body and within the earth to deepen the practice.  Once learned the form can be practiced daily for maintenance and wellness.
There will also be a Ceremony to bring healing to your home and to connect you with any Ancestral Patterns that may need healing. This will be a gentle and healing ceremony that you will be able to repeat yourself at any time.
Investment: €30
Payments can be made through any of the following ways:
     Paypal:        dempsey.gao@gmail.com or click on the link here: paypal.me/qigongwest
     Revolute:    086 329 8392
     Bank:          details available on request
Please confirm when the payment is made which term you are paying for and your contact email for me to send you the zoom link.
Receipts are available on request.
The workshop will be recorded and you can watch and/or re-watch the recording for up to 14 days after the event. If you miss the class live you will still receive access to the recording. Payments for the workshop are non-transferable.
You must download the Zoom app to access the live event and the recording.
Looking forward to connecting with you online 
Qi Gong West












2 Comments on “Upcoming Retreats

  1. Hi Colin,
    Can you give me a little more info about the 8 weekend training course? What weekends do they run? Hours! Price?!
    I’m currently working as a yoga teacher and a relax kids coach and hypnotherapist. I’m very interesting learning all about Qi Gong, I did a course In Tai Chi mAny years ago.

    I haven’t had the chance to attend your workshops yet as each time the date was always clashing with something.

    I look forward to hearing from you.
    Regards Fiona Foy

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