Colin Dempsey

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Welcome to Qi Gong West

We aim to empower people to rediscover their own real wholeness, through teaching how to reconnect with their bodies, emotions, life force and the elements.  My work includes Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Inner Alchemy, Breath Work, Meditation, Tui Na Massage and Energy Healing. 

With so much happening in the world today and within our own world of work, family life, bills and mortgages, stress and anxiety is at an all time high and it is increasingly harder to feel balanced and at home within ourselves.  The continuous demands that are asked of us can over time strip us of our energy, vitality, creativity, contentment, gratitude and even fulfilment.

In traditional Chinese medicine, qi or chi is believed to be life force energy, the underlying substance which runs through every living thing and is the source of our vitality and health.  When our chi is stagnated or blocked within our body it can initially show in so many ways, a few examples are: stress, lack of mental clarity, mood changes, poor sleep, disinterest or discontentment with aspects of life.  Over time it begins to manifest as physically such as aches, pains, stiffness, back ache, then more chronic problems such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, asthma, allergies, muscular and organ problems.   To ensure mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health the ancient Chinese masters developed many forms of Tai Chi and Qi Gong practices.    These practices are what I believe and have experienced can heal a person from within, rebalancing and restoring the body and person to their full energy, joy and zest for life. 

During my  years of training I have experienced how these practices can help transform lives in remarkable ways.  It is my hope to bring this learning to as many people as possible to show them how to heal themselves and become their own master and healer.

As I like to say Qi Gong and Tai Chi is ‘Energy in Motion’, through calming the mind and body simultaneously we can allow them to release what is no longer needed.

Finding a space of openness and stillness within to allow us see a direct path forward more clearly.  A large part of this healing is to start breathing in a way that helps us release stress and toxins from our body so we can discover a deeper awareness of ourselves.  This gives us more awareness of or bodies so we can discover a deeper awareness of ourselves.  This may not be an easy road at all times as it calls for us to truly look and take responsibility for our own health, emotions, patterns, beliefs and behaviours.  But this is how we truly become our own masters; coming into the here and now and living a life of presence, purpose, calm, strength and confidence.    

Qi Gong and energy healing sessions can compliment Western medicine in many ways to provide better health care, for example Qi Gong has special value for treating chronic conditions, and preventative medicine; whereas Western medicine has special value for treating acute conditions. 

Training Journey

My journey started when I was a teenager and I started learning ninjutsu martial arts in my hometown in Mayo.  In 1996 I then went on to learn Qi Gong as it was felt that we were missing energetic work with the ninjutsu we were learning.  I began my Basic Taoist Practices and Iron Shirt Qi Gong training with my teacher Barry Spendlove, a senior Universal Healing Tao Instructor, certified by Taoist master Mantak Chia.  In 2000 I also began to learn Taoist Organ Massage and some of the more advanced Inner Alchemy practices. Barry is a continued support and teacher to me and I continue to seek his wisdom today.

In 2003 I moved to London where I met my teacher Sifu Shi De Lon, a 31st generation Shaolin laymonk, who is also a PhD research fellow of medical science.  My training included Shaolin Qi Gong, Beginning Level Mantis and Shaolin Tai Chi and Qi Gong to an instructor level, Qi Emission (spontaneous qi gong), Tui na massage and one to one personal sessions.  In 2005 myself and a number of fellow students travelled to Slovakia with Sifu where I began my apprentice teaching training.  We travelled the country teaching Tai Chi and Qi Gong and providing Qi emissions and Tui na massage to students.  We also had group discussions on the principles and practices we were teaching during the workshops.  In 2006 I was accepted as a Shaolin Laymonk and given a Shaolin name, Shi Xing Gao which means ‘aim high’.  I continued travelling and training with Sifu until 2009.

In 2009/2010 I completed a certificate in Sports Injury Massage to learn anatomy and muscles in depth increasing my understanding of what I had already learned.  It was around this time that I also began my teaching practice in Ireland.

In 2013 I was invited back to Slovakia by a number of friends I had made over there to teach workshops independently and for one to one healing and Tui Na sessions.  I continue to travel there twice a year since then and have many of the same clients, students and friends attending courses and treatments along with new people who are curious to heal and explore Qi Gong.

In 2013 I also moved location to  Galway and have been teaching classes and workshops here and at various sacred sites in the area along with running a healing Center for a few years.  More recently I decided I wanted to have a private living space and teach more outside the center now.  I teach regularly at various holistic centres in the West of Ireland, in counties Galway, Clare and Mayo and I also do a lot of work with active retirement groups, schools and community groups. 

Over the years I’ve also had a keen interest in Celtic and Native American Shamanic practices and have attended many workshops as part of my personal development.  Liam Glenane was my friend and guide through most of this practice.  I feel it has brought a deeper understanding of energy and Spirit to my work.  I have never officially qualified in this practice but have integrated some of the practices to my personal and teaching programme.

  • Qualifications
  • Healing Tao Associate  Instructor
  • Shaolin Laymonk 32nd Generation
  • NRST Certified Sports Injury Therapist

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