Qi Gong Training

A form well known and used worldwide is the Shaolin 8 silk brocade.

Practiced regularly the muscles will strengthen and the flexibility and strength of the tendons will improve.

We learn how to increase our breath capacity and breathe deep into the diaphragm massaging our internal organs and massaging our digestive system.

The training also stimulates the metabolism and activates the central nervous system. 70% of all illness is caused from stress.

When we reduce stress we also allow the body and mind to self heal.

This Video of  Shi Xing Lin ,Alan Mc lean teaching as a guest instructor in the West of Ireland is a demonstration of some of the types of training we do.

These meditation methods have been handed down from teacher to student for over 5000 years .

Tai Chi Training

This style of  Tai Chi originates from Shaolin Temple with its slow and gentle movements it can be practiced for health or used as a martial art or self-defence when practiced in applications or with more speed. The emphasis is to learn good basic posture and structure along with specific breathing methods. This will bring a person into a relaxed state of mind and work well with any training regime.

Heres a recent video of me me training one section of the form we teach in our courses

Tai Chi is great fun to do in groups as many of the exercises can be done with another student . We need to feel what works and does not through real practice and contact training .

Taking a group of Tai chi students through the moves down by the beautiful coastline . This makes a fun and energizing weekend or hobby often the social element is as healing as the training .

Inner Alchemy/Meditation

The fundamental practices of the Universal Healing Dao essential skills for developing inner strength, peace and abundance. The main reason this is called alchemy is to recognize that all stress was once just energy its your thought patterns that give it form. We aim to start to recognize and change these patterns in the Healing Dao practices liturgy to transform stress into vitality so you can act from a place of power. Learn to become your own teacher and healer. Training can be booked for social groups, active elderly etc.

One to One Personal Training

This can be used for those recovering from injuries or illness and will be tailored to each individual client’s needs. Using the principles of Tai Chi as well as Western sports injury rehabilitation methods, we work to gently re-align the spine and strengthen the inner core muscles of the body.

Pre-event and post-event exercise guidance also available.

One to one Qi Gong and meditation  guidance sessions available to assist with psychological and stress based conditions to help balance emotions and energy for a more grounded lifestyle.

Instructor Training Course focuses on:

  •  Shaolin Qi Gong
  •  Personal Development
  •  Inner Smile
  •  The Healing Sounds
  •  Primordial Qi Gong Form
  •  Basic Anatomy of the Organs
  •  Basic knowledge of the Meridian Channels
    Beginning these practices begins a journey of deep healing from within.  As you connect more deeply with your breath, body, organs and energy you begin your journey of self healing.   With this work there is physical release of toxins, a release of blocked or suppressed emotions, an energetic release of blocked, trapped or stagnant energy.
Instructor training in Qi Gong group
Well done to our Instructor group of 2018 .

‘Thank you so much for a thoughtful and well structured course.
I not only learned a lot about the various therapist training and healing but about myself as well.
We covered a wealth of material which I’m sure will be sinking in for a long time yet.
It was a perfect mix of fun and learning with plenty of yummy food, copious cups of tea and excellent banter.
It was invaluable to learn in such a supported and encouraging environment and I know we will all come away with a lot out of it.
Thanks again Colin and I look forward to learning more.’

All the best,

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