Workplace Qi Gong and Meditation


Reduce Employee Stress While Simultaneously Improving Productivity

Workplace Meditation Can Help Your Employees

The workplace can often bring challenge and over time can create stress and tension for employees.

Meditation offers us a respite of inner peace away from the files, computers, clients and build up of daily demands to enable us rebalance and rebuild our inner strength, resilience, calm, openness, creativity, communication, cooperation and relaxation.

My meditation classes are done in four parts:



Stretching and

Guided Meditation.


Using the breath and gentle movement to release tension, anxiety or resistance that is being stored in the body allowing the person to relax into their body, into the present moment and into a more allowing state which will enable them to focus, relax, release unnecessary worry or stress and more forward in a more proactive manner.

Not many people can just switch off for an hour and meditate, it is a learning process.  A person may close they’re eyes and still be very busy in the mind.  Over many years of teaching I have discovered that by teaching in these four parts or methods the student can find quicker, more successful and longer lasting results.

This process naturally releases emotions and negative feelings and allows space within to clear our minds and freshen our Energy System.

In addition there are many physical benefits to preforming this meditation along with movement and stretching, some of which include relief of back pain, stiffness, sciatica, headaches, fatigue,

I am leading classes and retreats in meditation for over ten years and can apply the techniques to team building and group orientated exercises also.  Helping team members to recognise their self-worth as an individual, as well as within their team and helping them recognise and work alongside their team members.

The theory of the energy system is also part of the course just a few Minutes each class and I support this with handouts and have audio recordings available for purchase for a nominal fee so people can practice at home if they wish.

Other topics can also be covered, some of which may include Tai Chi or Qi Gong practice.

Colin Dempsey,

Qi Gong West

086 329 8392

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