Update Qi Gong October 2021

Greetings to you all .
A lot of changes for us all these past 2 years i hope you  were able to navigate the times with some trust.
As we begin to return to group activities I’m sure there is excitement and fear its good to sit with it and observe the internal adjustments .In Taoism it is said that any restriction leads to growth in new directions  or greater growth when opportunity opens up ..I saw this in my neighbours garden ,They kept for many years a bonsai tree one day they planted the tree outside .Within just a few years this Tree grew so fast into a Oak Tree normally a slow growing type of Tree .
I had to change jobs completely and work as a carpenter and general handy man in the locality along with being a father for the first time  i am still adjusting .
I am still quite committed to teach and will offer for October one weekly class Online .possibility of one more in November mid week.
Saturday Morning 10.00 am zoom .starting Saturday 9th . cost €35 4 classes .
Class will be recorded so u can watch all week  will be a general approach some breathing grounding stretching and Meditation to quiten the mind 
As things open up we can organize a retreat or workshop somewhere nice as well give the opportunity to unwind and ground with group energy again .

There are some groups returning in person its membership only so if you are part of these groups il see you. in person 

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