Christmas Note

 Hi GUYS Been a while since i was in touch .We doing fine here luke is 9 Months now and its a massive change to my old Monk life .We have been isolated a bit with co vid as i sure many of you have . I have found peace in the practice and nature as often as possible and im grateful to have a good integrated practice for these un certain times .Hope you all well and keeping the inner qi moving in these Winter Months .I have attached a class as a gift to you all and wish u a peaceful Holiday..Its a very good general class covering a lot of different bits of practice with lots of explanation feel free to share it with anyone who would benefit ..
The group classes are always open and there as a  support to anyone wishing to attend .We will get a center up and running again and have more in person retreats im sure of it , but for we now its to embrace the unknown as best we can .
Next Saturday is a drop in class on zoom for anyone who wishes to attend and afterwards i will hold a Fusion of the five elements Meditation for about 40 minutes .no charge but some prior course experience in qi gong is required for this practice .Class 10.00 am – 11.00 charge  €10 
Fusion Meditation 11.15 – 12 
just email me if u wish to attend and i will send u link .it would be advisable to do first class to set up energy for this practice .
Tai chi classes are finished for this term but we will start again in new year along with weekly classes on Saturday mornings .phone or email .
If anyone wishes to have one to one session Online that is possible by booking phone or email… Classes will resume on Saturday the 8th for a term of 6 weeks .Tai chi and relaxation class will resume on Thursday the 13th for 6 week term also .
As usual classes will be recorded and you can watch the recording all week and is often downloadable .

 class recording Nov.mp4

Qi Gong Zoom Classes

Hello folks,

The next class term is now up and bookings can be made in the usual ways.  Please do not hesitate to send me an email or give me a call if you have any questions.

The next term will be held over 6 weeks as follows:

Online Classes:

Thursday Nights,   Tai Chi Class,  8pm – 8.45pm,  4th Nov – 9th Dec.  

Saturday Morning,  Qi Gong Class,  10am – 11am,  6th Nov – 11th Dec.

Both Thursday and Saturday’s classes will be a general approach including some breathing, grounding, stretching and meditation to quieten and soften the body and mind.

As usual classes will be recorded and you can watch the recording all week.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.



One Class Option:  Pay for one class:

Thursday Evening Tai Chi,   €45 

Saturday Morning Qi Gong and Meditation,   €50


Attend Both Classes for €75


To book any of the classes please use one of the following methods:

Paypal:   or   click on the link here:

Revolut:    086 329 8392 or

Bank:         Details are available on request, please email to request.

Please confirm when payment is being made which classes you are paying for, email to enable us send you the zoom link or add a note when making PayPal transfer.

Receipts are available on request.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in contact by email or telephone.

Update Qi Gong October 2021

Greetings to you all .
A lot of changes for us all these past 2 years i hope you  were able to navigate the times with some trust.
As we begin to return to group activities I’m sure there is excitement and fear its good to sit with it and observe the internal adjustments .In Taoism it is said that any restriction leads to growth in new directions  or greater growth when opportunity opens up ..I saw this in my neighbours garden ,They kept for many years a bonsai tree one day they planted the tree outside .Within just a few years this Tree grew so fast into a Oak Tree normally a slow growing type of Tree .
I had to change jobs completely and work as a carpenter and general handy man in the locality along with being a father for the first time  i am still adjusting .
I am still quite committed to teach and will offer for October one weekly class Online .possibility of one more in November mid week.
Saturday Morning 10.00 am zoom .starting Saturday 9th . cost €35 4 classes .
Class will be recorded so u can watch all week  will be a general approach some breathing grounding stretching and Meditation to quiten the mind 
As things open up we can organize a retreat or workshop somewhere nice as well give the opportunity to unwind and ground with group energy again .

There are some groups returning in person its membership only so if you are part of these groups il see you. in person 

Qi Gong Online class testemonial

Thank you Colin, that was just beautiful. Great to bring the qi gong form together like that and the meditation was a wonderful treat. Thank you for remembering me and the others unable to join you this morning  – it was good to feel the support of the group even via the recording.

Heres a little gift to get into the rhythm of Spring time .


Here is a class recorded live on Tai chi and deep stretching .

Classes can be joined anytime or get in touch to find out about our upcoming courses.

Free Qi Gong class on you tube

HI Guys i have posted a few new classe on you tube they are live zoom classes recorded of each of the available online classes at qigongwest. We have 5 slightly different classes check out classes page for full details .

Tai Chi Form

Hi Guys at the end of each Online class we go through the movements of the Tai chi form along with some QI Gong breathing and deep stretching of the tendons .

Here is a breakdown step by step instruction video to help you learn the movements .

leave a comment of your thoughts below

Online Qi Gong Update

Qi Gong Classes Online schedule .

Hi folks,I hope your all safe, doing well and are looking forward to our move into Spring next Monday!
As it looks like the lockdown will be extended further I feel it important to do what I can to help the community and do what I can to help people and have decided to do this by continuing and offering the ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ classes throughout February for free.  This class is a wonderful opportunity to do a short exercise/stretch, refocus, set an intention, connect with other like minded people and I will also send the recording for the week for you to watch as often as you wish or if you miss the live class.
If you would like to join the February ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ class just send me an email and I will happily add you to the mailing list.I’ve attached a recording of this weeks class for you to try and get an idea of what we do during this class.

The weekly classes are continuing on in February as outlined below and you are very welcome to join any time.  Some experience is required for the Thursday night and Saturday morning classes however you can join the Friday morning and Tuesday evening classes if you have no or little experience.  If your unsure which class might suit you best send me a message or call me for a chat 086 3298 392.

 February 2021 Class Schedule 
 1st – 22nd Feb Monday’s 8.00am – 8.30am ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ Classes 
 5th  – 26th Feb Friday’s  10.00am – 11.00am Qi Gong Chair Exercises and Lifeforce Meditation Classes
 6th – 27th Feb Saturday’s 10.00am – 11.00am Saturday Improvers Qi Gong Practice 
 2nd  – 23rd Feb  Tuesday’s 7.00pm – 8.00pm Tai Chi and Deep Stretch Class
 4th  – 25th Feb Thursday’s 9.00pm – 9.40pm Gratitude and Healing Meditation, Qi Gong Form

If you have any questions or would like to sign up for the Free Wake Up, Shake Up class or the February Terms classes send me an email and we will arrange your registration.

Colin,Qi Gong West

Tai Chi TRaining tips

We are currently offering classes ,Personal training and video content Online .

Get in touch if u have any questions have a great weekend


A short video to help in understanding one of the basic principles of Qi Gong and how it relates to mental health. This particular pratice bringing our awareness to the present moment. Enjoy

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