Wake up Shake Up Qi Gong

We Will Be running this class live from next Monday the 11th January .

This class will be about setting and making clear Intentions for the year ahead .

The ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ classes are a morning practice designed to help us be more present for the day – to bring us into the present rather than being stuck in the past or worrying about the future.  We also set an intention for the day and the year ahead.  It is a great practice to waken the body and mind each morning, build a positive mental focus and increase physical and mental stamina in our daily lives. It can also help us gain clarity and let go of things that are bothering us and help us focus towards the positive changes and things we have and want in our lives.  – a chair is required for the meditative section of this class.

€5 euro per class drop a line if interested …

2 Comments on “Wake up Shake Up Qi Gong

    • Hi Aine its at 8 am on Monday Mornings . Recording will be sent out so you can listen at anytime that suits you once registered

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