Online Qi Gong Update

Qi Gong Classes Online schedule .

Hi folks,I hope your all safe, doing well and are looking forward to our move into Spring next Monday!
As it looks like the lockdown will be extended further I feel it important to do what I can to help the community and do what I can to help people and have decided to do this by continuing and offering the ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ classes throughout February for free.  This class is a wonderful opportunity to do a short exercise/stretch, refocus, set an intention, connect with other like minded people and I will also send the recording for the week for you to watch as often as you wish or if you miss the live class.
If you would like to join the February ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ class just send me an email and I will happily add you to the mailing list.I’ve attached a recording of this weeks class for you to try and get an idea of what we do during this class.

The weekly classes are continuing on in February as outlined below and you are very welcome to join any time.  Some experience is required for the Thursday night and Saturday morning classes however you can join the Friday morning and Tuesday evening classes if you have no or little experience.  If your unsure which class might suit you best send me a message or call me for a chat 086 3298 392.

 February 2021 Class Schedule 
 1st – 22nd Feb Monday’s 8.00am – 8.30am ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ Classes 
 5th  – 26th Feb Friday’s  10.00am – 11.00am Qi Gong Chair Exercises and Lifeforce Meditation Classes
 6th – 27th Feb Saturday’s 10.00am – 11.00am Saturday Improvers Qi Gong Practice 
 2nd  – 23rd Feb  Tuesday’s 7.00pm – 8.00pm Tai Chi and Deep Stretch Class
 4th  – 25th Feb Thursday’s 9.00pm – 9.40pm Gratitude and Healing Meditation, Qi Gong Form

If you have any questions or would like to sign up for the Free Wake Up, Shake Up class or the February Terms classes send me an email and we will arrange your registration.

Colin,Qi Gong West

Tai Chi TRaining tips

We are currently offering classes ,Personal training and video content Online .

Get in touch if u have any questions have a great weekend


A short video to help in understanding one of the basic principles of Qi Gong and how it relates to mental health. This particular pratice bringing our awareness to the present moment. Enjoy

Qi Gong for beginners

A great time to start your journey in Qi Gong, Learn the basic fundamentals in the comfort of your own home with our Online classes .

Your Mental health is in your hands get in touch for more info or questions .

Wake up Shake Up Qi Gong

We Will Be running this class live from next Monday the 11th January .

This class will be about setting and making clear Intentions for the year ahead .

The ‘Wake Up, Shake Up’ classes are a morning practice designed to help us be more present for the day – to bring us into the present rather than being stuck in the past or worrying about the future.  We also set an intention for the day and the year ahead.  It is a great practice to waken the body and mind each morning, build a positive mental focus and increase physical and mental stamina in our daily lives. It can also help us gain clarity and let go of things that are bothering us and help us focus towards the positive changes and things we have and want in our lives.  – a chair is required for the meditative section of this class.

€5 euro per class drop a line if interested …

Qi Gong Daily practice

Heres a sample class for daily practice try it twice a week and you will get great results on improving your Health and well being . We love to hear back privately or publicly about your training experience .

New Year qI gONG

Happy Christmas everyone thank you for your participation we hope to see you again or hear form you about how you are progressing in your journey .

We are delighted to announce our new year schedule unfortunately all classes will be online for the foreseeable future .Its important to look after your Mental health during these challenging times .

I am available to help should you be uncertain if these classes are the right fit for you and happy discusss in more detail the benefits of Qi Gong practice .I believe if you have the patience to look inward these classes could give you solid grounding and peace of mind going through 2021.

Qi Gong Gift Voucher

Hi guys, we are delighted with the current online training programme and the results have been positive for all attendees.

Classes resume in January, as always we will be giving some free downloadable material to encourage daily practice as Qi Gong requires participation and effort as well as a safe space being created by your facilitator.

We are available to assist you choose the classes that are right for you.

If you wish to purchase a gift voucher it will give access to any of our new year classes or to have a One to One session through zoom in private training, healing or personal development.

Payments can be made by Bank Transfer, PayPal or Revolut.

BANK DETAILS are available on request. Contact us by email

PAYPAL click this link:

REVOLUT: 086 329 8392

For enquiries call Colin on, 086 329 8392 or email,

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Qi Gong, Winter Meditation

Some photos of Qi Gong by the lake in the area I live, there are many beautiful Nature places to visit. This is on Flaggy shore Burren, Co Clare .

It was pretty cold and we didn’t wait around for too long but I wanted to capture the winter light to share with you.

Winter is the season of slowing down and resting, going within and connecting within. As the winter sets in I have slowed down the rhythm in most of the online classes taking more time to go deep between movements, stretches and in the meditations allowing this natural external rhythm of the season to connect more deeply with our inner rhythm.

Have a nice weekend,


Qi Gong Online Class Schedule .

Hi Guys as Winter comes in the Energy really slows down .With some Online Classes you will get to feel this Energetic rhythm Naturally occur .I noticed it over the weekend less vital energy and a need to rest ,A nice peaceful place rests with you ,Its good to listen to our bodies.

In these gentle yet powerful Qi Gong practices learn to be your own Teacher and Healer .Since taking our classes Online we have been able to reach new people in far away places ,I hope to travel and Hold retreats in some of these places once lock down is over . In the meantime great to see you via zoom .

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