Special qi gong class

Hi all.

I hope this email finds you well.we had a great session this morning and i wanted to share it with you .

For the coming term i will focus more on zoom  syllabus based events and in person events to go deeper in a given area .

 Updates to come soon on details and will be posted on qigongwest home websitre 

Our next in person event will be on April 9th in setu Center , Clarinbridge 

11 am – 1.00 pm cuppa and biscuit provided …

A workshop to bring more vitality in our daily life is the intention of the event if this resonates with you see u there .Cost €20 

Class recording Meeting Recording:https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/NV6Fl4v6jhLEij-wTqixZTEl5B9KL7QeT9yksfWCwD3oU_URrVtNrSRtzYrlnjKP.SWe4NJF5647FVics

Access Passcode: qigong@123

This class massages and stretches each organ and leads you into the healing art of Spontaneous Qi Gong. 

The safety talk is at the end if you have big Trauma do listen to the last few minutes before training or contact me for a consultation .

Have a great rest of weekend and Enjoy the sunshine 


Qi Gong West

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