Tai Chi truths .?

Hi all felt i would add something about these training methods .I have been training Qi Gong now for over 20 years and Tai chi for at least 12 .The results are im healthy firstly .This does not mean i dont experience stress ,fear anxiety but i do feel it has  less impact and i recognize it much faster now and can change it before i feel bogged down .

In recent years i have incorporated more Tai Chi into my workout as i found personally there wasnt quite enough movement in Qi Gong .Tai Chi has been marketed worldwide as a practice that must be done slow .This is not really true it has to be learned slowly as it goes into subconscious memory faster this way .It also has many cardio breathing exercises /Fa jin .

Tai Chi has one of the best movement systems or as good as many worldwide .when i first met Tai Chi i lived in London as a carpenter .I was at 8 to 9 years of Ninjitsu at this time .I spoke with my Teacher Shi De Lon about internal external ,so i committed myself to 3 Months of Tai Chi .I have to be honest i was absolutely lost at first .Only when my teacher explained some of the martial applications did it begin to make some sense.The interesting thing was when i returned to Ninjitsu practice i found some of the more technical aspects like the senior students could do much more easy to grasp my body had new cogs and intelligence from this slow learning .

Im not comparing the Arts but it should theoretically improve any athletes movement Co ordination foot adjustment being one of the first steps and leg hip movement.we usually move our arms first this takes about 300 muscles .If u move leg first u need many more muscles this opens up new neural pathways in body .

I was also lucky to have good teachers in both these systems  .The basic movement needs to display the five essence .Up Down left right center .your body learns through repitition should be like using the pedals driving u just know where they are so if u not willing to give it some decent time u wont really get the results

more coming soon fell free to comment .enjoy.


One Comment on “Tai Chi truths .?

  1. Great article Shing Gao, very informative and written so all can understand.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge

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