Qi Gong and nutrition


For many years i have always tried to eat well and thought i was as a Tai Chi and Qi Gong practioner and teacher i know i must eat well to have good energy .I recently did a joint workshop with a local nutritionalist and Acupuncturist Ursula Mc Fadden during the weekend the benefits of various methods of juicing was shared and certain methods of juicing only hold live enzymes for a certain amount of hours or we only get a small percent without some of the pulp in the juice i know i heard this before but when it was done in front of me it resonated.One thing that stood out was that if i did not use organic produce i would be drinking pestisides .Being tuned in to my body i feel that organic food was giving me more energy.
I was sharing my Qi Gong breathing and stretching  exercises and we had a complete organic weekend i saw a great improvement in my bodys energy just by eating certain foods together and not drinking water with meals or just after.My own feeling on this is that the body needs to create fire in the stomach to burn food and if we drink while eating we are putting out the internal fire.This also relates to chinese medicine as the small intestine is considered to be in the fire or heart  element .

I then decided to get the best diet i could and serve organic food at  workshops to give a Qi filled weekend.
Signed Colin Dempsey.

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