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Tai Chi & Qi Gong Workshop at the Amber Healing Centre


Sports Injury, Yoga, Nutrition Advice, Tai Chi, Acupuncture and more at the Amber Healing Centre

Sports Injury, Yoga, Nutrition Advice, Tai Chi, Acupuncture and more at the Amber Healing Centre

Classes beginning Wednesday, 13th February, 7 – 8pm Shaolin Qi Gong.

8.15 – 9.15pm Dao Meditation and Mindfulness, Qi Gong basics.

€10 per class drop in, 6 weeks one class €45, 6 weeks both classes  €70

Contact Colin on 086 329 8392 or Ursula on 0951 500 780 for more details

Amber Healing Centre


I’m excited to announce we will be taking over the Amber Healing Centre in Ballinderreen, Co Galway! There will be weekly Classes and regular workshops etc and the centre is also available to rent for workshops, classes and it offers training in a peaceful rural setting with a nice stove to keep the space warm and a kitchen for a cupa. I am looking forward to see some of u there and it gives me a great opportunity to do more Classes midweek for the Galway area. Please find the map below for directions.

Classes offered will be tai chi, qi gong, dao mindfulness, yoga. Therapies offered are sports injury, bio energy and acupuncture. Contact Ursula on 091 500 780 or Colin on 086 329 8392 for more information.

The Site is theamberhealingcentre.com

Tai Chi & Qi Gong Workshop Kiltimagh 17th February 2013


Introduction to the Five Elements

Introduction to the five elements

Online meditation thursday the 15th december ten pm

Deep Healing

How Does Deep Healing Qigong Work?
Deep Healing Qigong was formerly titled Medical Chi Kung. A simple version of it has been used successfully for decades in Chinese medical qigong hospitals in China to treat a wide variety of chronic illness. This is a “self-practice” form of medical qigong.

This new version of the qigong form has been super charged by Michael Winn, using his extensive knowledge of internal alchemy. Affirmations to activate the emotional body, adding color, sound and channel modifications and focusing the “yi” or mind intent have greatly intensified its effectiveness.

This qigong set has 6 parts. If time is short, you can practice just one or two segments, still with great effect. If all six are done together, the form is extremely powerful. It can sometimes create an overwhelmingly powerful chi flow, enough to make your hair stand on its end.

Deep Healing Qigong combines the best of body-centered feng shui or directional qigong, the alchemical healing process of mixing opposite polar forces, color therapy, Six Healing Sounds, body movement in sacred geometric patterns to activate the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, and subtle chi breathing that links and nourishes the human body with chi from the Earth’s energy body.
What is the secret of Deep Healing Qigong’s amazing effectiveness? The synergy between all of these advanced methods help you re-birth a completely new and fresh Energy Body rather than trying to “fix” the dysfunctional energetic patterns of your old self.

Deep Healing Qigong teaches the secret of completely emptying the body of its old patterns of sick energy, and then refills you using the chi from the sun and deep earth. The movements of the form are simple and can be performed by anyone, including (with slight modification) the wheelchair bound or bed-ridden.

There will be a workshop on deep healing Qi Gong on 15th and 16th October details on classes and workshops page .

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