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I am looking forward to play with the Qi flow in lough Gur this summer .This location holds a strong energy flow good place for us all to capture the Earths summer rhythms and get deep healing .


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Deep Healing Medical
Qi Gong at Lough Gur Heritage Center / Saturday May 20th /June 24th
9.30 – 12.00
Meet at Heritage Center for early Stretch / Meditation and Qi Gong theory session.
12.00 – 1.30 lunch and relax time.
1.30 – 4.30 visit local Stone Circle and Dolmen and practice Qi Gong.
Learn this moving Qi Gong form for self healing.
In China this form has been widely used to treat physical and emotional
blockages with great success. The main aim to release our resistance to our
natural energy rhythms and build up vitality in our organs and body.
This form teaches how to ground deeply in the Earth and how to digest the
healing energy of the inner sun. Once learned can be practised daily for
emotional balance and health.
This is a wonderful ceremonial form to practice on solstices and equinoxes.
Some guided meditation will also be part of the weekend long with a afternoon in stone circles and local places of historical and energetic interest.
Bring some warm Comfortable Clothing and outdoor gear .
Flask of tea and some snacks ,packed lunch
Cost €55
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Qi Gong camp Slovakia

I just returned from the Slovakia Mountains from a interesting  Qi Gong training camp led by dr leung .Topics discussed  about the healing effects of Taoist medicine and the origings of Qi Gong.Dr leung is doing scientific and historical  research on Qi Gong and Tai Chi  and applying it to the way we train and approach qi gong and Tai .

The result will be a curriculum with lots of Theory and practice as it is been taught in several universities in China currently .

I learned many new things and look forward to practice and digest over the coming months  .New schedule will be updated soon.

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Meditation and martial arts in school

We just finished a course in St Aidens school kiltimagh .It was great to share my knowledge in my home town and get the support of the teachers and community there .

The class had elements of breath ,meditation Kung fu ,Tai chi and Qi Gong.The feedback was positive and some children who would normally not be into exercises really seeemed to take to this programme .