Qi Healing trip

The Importance of grounding

After a week in Slovakia teaching Qi Gong and several one to one healing sessions .I had a theme which continually comes up in energy work once ..when a persons energy is  grounded they immediately start to heal,.My work is not to heal anyone but assist them in opening there energy to the Earth firstly .Sometimes skill is needed to sense this and assist in opening certain parts of the body energy system but many people simply are not grounded ,its very easy to ground and only takes a few minutes .I teach it at the start of every class one to one or workshop ..


Summer Qi retreat June 7th 9th

Invitation To weekend Summer retreat  in Esker Monastery

Qi Gong Tai Chi Exercises Meditations and to gather together in Community to nourish each other in a healthy way .

Fri 7th June /Sunday 9th June

schedule  Fri 7.00- 8.30 Sat 10.00- 3.00 pm  ,Sunday 10.00-3.00 pm

Old Monastery Building as you enter the grounds go towards the back of the building go to the blue doors.

The workshop will include Tea /Coffee and all meals  .A walk around the grounds along with some early and mid morning exercises and Meditation .

We will be covering the Basics of Qi Gong Meditation and Tai chi  to give you an introduction to these self healing Methods Hopefuly going home with enough to begin a daily practice

Cost of Retreat €295  €95 deposit secures a place

Contact…  Colin 0863298392

Esker has been a monastic site since the sixteenth century. It was first inhabited by the Dominicans, who escaped from the Abbey in Athenry during a time of persecution. They left here in the eighteen sixties, and it became for some time the diocesan seminary for Clonfert diocese. We Redemptorists came here in 1901, and since then we have served not only the people of the locality, but also through our missions and novenas, the whole of the west of Ireland. Because of this long history and tradition Esker is a special place; people constantly comment on the aura they sense here, the feeling of peace


Qi Gong /Keeping Still

Hi i am keeping a day free for keeping still in normal time and after Meditation.

There are great benefits to Qi Gong and Tai chi along with many other interesting practices .The main problem we have in the West is we start chattering and get carried away with thoughts again with others or on our own .

I know it certainly is not easy to be less distracted by your thoughts me included .I feel if we could master this part many of our health and life problems would simply dissapear .

So if u want to learn something teach it so i heard .I will guide some deep Meditations and the second part will be unguided along with time in Nature and Quite time during Lunch for 20 min sessions roughly and at the end of day we will be a step closer to bringing this into our daily lives .

Saturday the 2nd of March lots of seated Meditation and stillness some Meditation experience or Qi Gong training is required for this day .

Lunch provided €55 non working rates available lake-2267994_1280