Christmas Note

 Hi GUYS Been a while since i was in touch .We doing fine here luke is 9 Months now and its a massive change to my old Monk life .We have been isolated a bit with co vid as i sure many of you have . I have found peace in the practice and nature as often as possible and im grateful to have a good integrated practice for these un certain times .Hope you all well and keeping the inner qi moving in these Winter Months .I have attached a class as a gift to you all and wish u a peaceful Holiday..Its a very good general class covering a lot of different bits of practice with lots of explanation feel free to share it with anyone who would benefit ..
The group classes are always open and there as a  support to anyone wishing to attend .We will get a center up and running again and have more in person retreats im sure of it , but for we now its to embrace the unknown as best we can .
Next Saturday is a drop in class on zoom for anyone who wishes to attend and afterwards i will hold a Fusion of the five elements Meditation for about 40 minutes .no charge but some prior course experience in qi gong is required for this practice .Class 10.00 am – 11.00 charge  €10 
Fusion Meditation 11.15 – 12 
just email me if u wish to attend and i will send u link .it would be advisable to do first class to set up energy for this practice .
Tai chi classes are finished for this term but we will start again in new year along with weekly classes on Saturday mornings .phone or email .
If anyone wishes to have one to one session Online that is possible by booking phone or email… Classes will resume on Saturday the 8th for a term of 6 weeks .Tai chi and relaxation class will resume on Thursday the 13th for 6 week term also .
As usual classes will be recorded and you can watch the recording all week and is often downloadable .

 class recording Nov.mp4

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