Qi Gong workshops Galway

Some qi Gong days in next Month u may be interested in.
IM hoping to have our Tai chi specialist over again towards end of May and possible deep weekend of Meditation at easter if any of these interest u just drop me a line.

Deep healing Qi Gong Sat 17th Feb

10.00 am – 4.00 pm ,Amber Healing Center,
Ballindereen, Co. Galway

Join us for a day in Learning  this moving Qi Gong form.
during this weekend we will have a ceremony to send healing to the heart of humanity.

In China and Europe  this form has been widely used to treat physical and emotional blockages.

This form teaches how to ground deeply in the Earth and how to digest the
healing energy of the inner sun. Once learned can be practiced daily for
maintenance and wellness.

This is a wonderful ceremonial form to practice on solstices and equinoxes.
Some guided meditation will also be part of the day .

Day cost €50 pre booking essential ,Accommodation and breakfast available on request.

Saturday March 3rd

Yoga Flow studio ,Clarinbridge
Spring in your step .Yoga /Qi Gong Morning
Start your weekend with some flow Yoga stretches and finish up with some Qi Gong and meditation to get u in the flow.
Tea and scones provided
Cost €30

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