Insight from morning Qi practice

During a morning practice i had an insight about retreats or workshops of this type of thing we sharing.During Qi Gong healing work i am encountering young and old people who feel something is missing or are uncertain about direction anxious etc  ,Why would u go for healing if everything is fine right or u may just not want to find out right now .

Anyway the insight was there kind of floating in my thoughts that many years ago people lived in a tribal community and even up to recent years community in Ireland was much closer .I do remember as a child going to neighbours house for sugar or Milk.Somehow many of us have lost This and along with a sense of Community and

In a tribal community there was always an ear to listen and if a relative died or trauma happened there was still group support for a child or adult along with the wisdom the tribe had gathered over the years .There were annual and monthy rituals and keepers of wisdom within each community.

We often see this in the animal kingdom where the adult teaches the next generation the movements of survival and thriving before they are let into the world alone.

If the adult had not the knowledge the youngster may end up in trouble very soon or learn the hard way .In energy work we learn things are not always as they seem and with connection and trust there is a dynamic way to move through any situation along with good group of wise people family friends etc.

In a Qi Gong weekend retreat people get the chance to be themselves and relax in a supportive community if only for a weekend and learn to open and trust that wisdom.



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