Qi Weekend Galway May 2017

Hi Guys just finished teaching primordial form we will have a day for people who already learned the form to come together and brush and revise movements towards end of June
As i watched people training it over the weekend it occurred to me the 800 plus years this from has been handed down .I wondered what the original form may have looked like or what the person in China would have taught of us in Ireland all these years later doing our best to enter the world of the invisible Qi through this practice .

Saturday 13th
10.00 am  – 12.00 we have introduction to Pole form and meditation

We have been practicing the form and having lots of fun in the Garden in the fine weather its a great way to exercise for thos eof u like to try something new.
Tea and scones provided afterwards €20

Also will be class starting evening class Thursdays for one month Brazco Oranmore will post details soon along with June schedule

drop me a line if u coming Saturday

Hoping to go to Lough Gur Saturday week 2oth for some good Earth energy
drop me a line if interested .

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