Earth Energy at Lough Gur

This recent event was held in Lough Gur i was brought in as a guest to give a talk and Qi Gong Session at the Sacred Site of Lough Gur

The moment i drove past the crossroads on entrance to Lough Gur my feet and body started tingling with energy as if i was meeting good old friends after a long time apart a feeling of inner joy easiest way to describe it after many years of Qi Gong i have become quite sensitive to these energy flows .There is great access to Earth Energy in these Sacred places and even a beginner can feel the benefits ,there are at Least 2 stone circles on the land and some Dolmens on way in to Heritage center .My belief is we can get alot of healing even in a short time in these places if we can access the energy flowing there through our bodies.

There will be a one day event in May and June visiting the Sacred Site and training of Qi Gong in Lough Gur Heritage Center for the morning ,Qi Gong,walks and energy practice in the Stone circle in afternoon .

more details coming soon PART_1490554323401149045323930920170325_174655

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