Qi Gong camp Slovakia

I just returned from the Slovakia Mountains from a interesting  Qi Gong training camp led by dr leung .Topics discussed  about the healing effects of Taoist medicine and the origings of Qi Gong.Dr leung is doing scientific and historical  research on Qi Gong and Tai Chi  and applying it to the way we train and approach qi gong and Tai .

The result will be a curriculum with lots of Theory and practice as it is been taught in several universities in China currently .

I learned many new things and look forward to practice and digest over the coming months  .New schedule will be updated soon.

3 Comments on “Qi Gong camp Slovakia

  1. Oh, what a pity. I am from the Czech Republic, have I known, I might have attended too 🙂 It must have been really interesting and useful 🙂

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