Class schedule and land energy clearing

Greetings all hope u enjoying this fine weather ,lots going on at the center lately .
here is an update of coming schedule ,hope u can make it someday soon.
Tuesday mornings,Tai Chi  at 10.00 am.  weekly class 6 week course ,just begun we are training some nice warm up exercises and Tai   chi form,All welcome .
Saturday class starting for one month , Qi Gong and Alchemy 10.00 Tai Chi class 11.15 -12.15
This class will run for one month starting next Saturday October 17th,24th,31st nov 7th .
price drop in €12 per class both classes €18
pay for course 4 weeks  €60
An evening chat on energy clearing
Recently i had a visitor stay at the Amber center mIcheal Sheehan from Co kerry ,We shared many insights on energy Healing and the realm of the non visible world that some often feel close to but cannot see ,Micheal told me he has had clear interaction with this world from a very young age and can sometimes see spirit or sense when a person ,Animal or place  has old blocked energy ,He explained this energy can sometimes effect health and wellbeing of a person and a room in a house may be cold etc if there is an old soul hanging around.
Im sure many of u have had at least one time when u felt something like this in your life .
Over my years of Qi Gong training i have become more sensitive to energy fields or even the energy of a person so i could relate on some level what he was telling me about.
Anyways a friend of mine has recently opened a new business and i called around and noticed the energy was a bit closed or blocked general,when its more open  u just get a warm feeling when u get into a space or place ,I mentioned Micheal to her and she agreed to have him over he did his work on the place and was able to see deep into the history of the place and balance the energies there.
I went over there last week and instantly noticed the change in the space it just felt more open and clear and even physically warmer ,
she also said she felt better about the place and the work she was doing there  etc
Micheal will be sharing some of his experience and answering questions at the center on Friday the 30th of October at 7 pm .
scone and tea afterwards  ,All welcome ,no charge

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