Upcoming Qi Gong Events September 2015

Try this breathing tip to get more energy breathe in for 12 seconds exhale for 6 .To relax inhale for 6 seconds exhale for 12.

Tuesday 8th starting back to classes 8 pm  drop in €10 ,syllabus  the 8 silk brocade and meditation .

Saturday 19th september  Improvers  Qi Gong 8 silk brocade will b part of the day to get some physical training in as well so will run this one till 4 pm.

Cost €40 discount for couples and  non working

Its a Pot luck lunch ,I will have a pot of soup made .

Saturday 26th  September Qi Gong Basics learn Taoist basics six healing sounds ,Qi Gong breathing practices and learn some basic grounding meditation practice to help u in your daily life  10.00 – 5.00    Cost  €55 lunch provided

Saturday 3rd October Tai Chi essence .Learn the Shaolin essence of Tai Chi can be used as a powerful Qi Gong or health and flexibility practice . 10.00 – 1.00     cost   €25

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