Upcoming events

Alchemy of male and female march 08th, 10.00 – 5.00.
There are practices to help resolve the energy of male female in the body the ancient practitioner alchemists and Shamans knew this very well ,by creating neutral force we can dissolve our beliefs  around relationship and activate our creative energy or sexual energy at source and invite it around our energy system .When we are attracted to someone the heart and kidneys opposite poles are drawn to each other . You literally fall into someone elses energy centre  becoming dependant on them to fulfill a balance ,your heart fuses with a partners  kidneys and there  kidneys fuse with your heart  The other organs play a role also but generally if the heart is pleased with the choice the other organs follow etc your soul group.As seperation sometimes happens in real world  then feel torn apart as the song goes if u leave me now u take away the biggest part of me and a cycle of blame comes in or regret wondering where it went wrong  ,When we actually have all we need inside ourselves granted this is not the easiest practice and acceptance of the present moment is a huge part of it not to get caught up in future or past stories . We will have cord cutting meditations also to release old lovers gently from our energy and thoughts allowing us to move on with ease.
A morning of Qi Gong ,March 14th 10.00-1.00, cost €25.
Five animals and six healing sounds this Shamanic form to release stress from our inner organs and connect to nature.
Earth element in chinese medicine the controls your digestion and holds onto emotions such as worry,we will be stretching and opening the spleen meridian with Shaolin brocades and connecting with a guided meditation to the earth.

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