Italy Retreat end of April


The Cilento Coast is south of Naples airport and just past the Amalfi Coast. A one and a half hour trip approx.. and you arrive along the coast of Cilento into Santa Maria di Castellabate.

Much of the area is covered by the Cilento national park – the second largest national park in Italy – and it boasts 100km of coastline and a wild, mountainous interior sprinkled with historic villages still wedded to a traditional way of life.

This is where ordinary Neapolitans escape to in the summer and is still largely off the tourist radar which is why it has maintained its unspoilt beauty and is considered one of Italy’s greatest secrets.

A zigzagging road leads you up to the ancient village Castellabate and this village looks down on the coastal village of Santa Maria di Castellabate, where the evening passeggiata is in full swing, with young and old strolling along the seafront. At the heart of the historic centre is a sandy beach, surrounded by noble palazzi and fishermen’s houses. Your accommodation is in a warm and friendly 4 star hotel with pool and private gardens, an oasis of tranquillity.There is a gentle ambience about the place combined with meditation and Qi gong would be the ideal way to recharge those bodies after the winter.


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