Weekend Qi Gong Retreat

We just had a great weekend Retreat training the 5 elements why not join us for our next event.
The Water Element
lao tzu  water
The focus of the Qi Gong training will be water element which relates to the kinneysand bladder  .
The purpose of the workshop is to take a break from your hectic
schedule and recharge your batteries. In Chinese medicine the
kidney manages your water and holds onto negative emotions
such as fear or phobia.
We will be getting grounded during the session with warm up
Qi Gong exercises and learning a specific movement to move
the Qi within the kidneys from the classic Shaolin 8 silk  brocade.
There will be a guided Taoist meditation to connect with our water
energy and let go of old emotion in the body and feel our kidney
energy flow again.
December 13th 2-5 pm Amber Healing Center  €25
booking essential pre payment secures a place cost  €20 .

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