Autumn Qi Gong and Meditation Practice

Autumn Qi Gong and meditation workshop ,
Sunday  September  28th, Amber Healing Centre.
The focus of the Qi Gong Training will be Metal element -Lungs
polarity sadness sorrow /courage confidence 
The purpose of the workshop  is to take a break from your hectic schedule and recharge your batteries.
In Chinese medicine the lungs control your breath and hold onto negative emotions such as sadness /sorrow. .
We will be getting grounded during the morning with warm up qi gong exercises and learning a specific movement to move the Qi within the lungs and support the lungs.
Guided meditation to connect with our original breath and let go of old emotion in the lungs and feel our energy radiate again .Taoist meditation
workshop starts 10 .00 am -1.00
cost €25 ,pre booking secures a space , deposit of €10 required in advance 
discount available for non working.

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