QI Gong Energy Healing

Colin Dempsey is Currently based in the Amber Healing Centre ,Kilcolgan, Galway
My healing work is based on sharing my teachings of Taoism and chinese medicine through breath movement and meditation .
The saying Tao is natural means the practices are to work with our bodys natural flow and were learned and evolved to create great health and well being  in the body.
From  studying the natural cycles of  Nature and integrating them into our energy body through exercise and listening Qi Gong has evolved.
My healing work is based on chinese medicine and the energy meridian system of the body .I work through stimulating the body through massage of energy points and hands on energy healing .
I received many years training from my Shaolin Monk teacher ,Sifu Shi De lon in classic Tui Na chinese massage and energy meridian healing.

A large part of my therapy is also about how the person can keep there own energy moving when the healing is over with some basic Qi Gong training,based on the symptoms my knowledge of the points mainly in the abdominal area  which can be massaged daily and can be used for specific diagnosis and maintenance There are points connected to emotional and physiological blockages and used very easily  to treat knightmares ,insomnia fear etc this allows people to manage their own wellbeing while also having the support and guidance of an experienced practioner available during this time .

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