Holistic Retreat ,Baqua Walking ,Qi Gong and Fusion Meditation

Baqua Qi Gong and Fusion of the elements.

Sunday April 20th 2014,10.00am – 3.00pm
Amber Healing Centre, Kilcolgan Co Galway
Cost €50 , Vegeterian Soup provided.

In classic training, the first step in practice of a bagua zhang energy posture is to learn, understand and stabilize the physical structural details of the posture in your body.
The next step is to get the chi  being generated from your bagua walking to travel up your legs and through your body—into your arms and out your fingertips. This involves a layering that builds and connects your entire body’s chi from the ground up.

As your internal contractions and tensions lessen and your body opens up over time, this simple yet powerful form opens up the emotional body.

Fusion Meditation.

The Fusion meditation shows us step by step how
to remove the negative emotions from the organs.
We learn how to crystallise and store this energy into
a mysterious pearl. This is the essence of our life-force
energy or chi.

possible excersion to the Burren after 3.oo pm weather depending for anyone wishing to join.

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