Introducing Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature Workshop


Introducing Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature

April 12th and 13th 2014 in the
Amber Healing Centre, South Galway

The word shamanism is not one that’s familiar to most of us in our everyday life. At the same time many of us feel that there is more to life that just physical existence. We sense that there is a greater energy that is all knowing and all powerful and often in our own ways call on it for support, help and guidance. Finding ways to connect to this energy is often where we struggle and yet it is what we long for.
This course offers us opportunity to learn about and experience the world of the shaman, especially his/her deep relationship with the Spirits of Nature. Like the shaman, participants will access help and guidance for themselves and others by connecting to the Spirits of Nature. Through this we can come to experience balance in our life and also in our relationship with the Earth. We will explore methods for connecting to plant spirits and work in union with them to bring healing. Time will be spent in Nature and together in circle so that we can share and learn to understand our experiences.

Cost is 120 euro. Deposit of 50 euro. Advance booking necessary as place numbers are limited to 9 participants

Liam Glenane by phone: 087 756 2725 or email:

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