Ginger Compress Therapy for kidneys

Image    Treating your kidneys coming into winter.The Kidneys are a water element are like a battery in the bodys energy if they run low fatigue and illness can set in .The ginger compress is a great way to maintain the warm energy in the kidneys as they are cold in nature this time of year they may get a chill .

How does a Ginger Compress work getting natures energy back in the body because of the chi activities and heat  of the Ginger root.The heat activity of the compress stimulates the blood and tissu circulation in the area being treated which then facilitates the bearing of the dispersed toxins away to be excreted.

This therapy can also be used while lying on our back the towel focuses the heat on the abdominal cavity in which the intesstine lie and they penetrate into the tissue by means of the root activity and break up the mucus stagnations encountered in the tissues by means of the strong dispersive activity and assists in stimulating their proper activity.

This practice goes along very well with specific Qi Gong breathing  Practices to stimulate the kidney energy .

To find out more or book a therapy contact Colin 0863298392.

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