Moving Meditation Holistic Workshop West of Ireland


One Day Workshop Sunday October 13th

Amber Healing Centre, Kilcolgan, Co. Galway
10 – 11 am Shaolin Qi Gong & Warmup
11.30 am – 5pm Inner Alchemy Qi Gong

To start, we learn the movements of the form. Then we put our intention into each movement to connect the elements within our body and within the earth. This is called Inner Alchemy and gives the form greater depth and connection to the life force.

€45 workshop fee, includes lunch

Contact Colin for more information on +353 (0)86 329 8392 or email

The Amber Healing Centre is a holistic retreat centre situated in a beautiful rural setting close to the Burren and the Western coastline of Ireland. The centre hosts ongoing retreats and workshops in yoga, tai chi, qi gong, craniosacral healing and other therapies.

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