New Class schedule September 2013

Dao Body Movement

This class blends basic meditation, Tai Chi posture and Qi Gong breathing methods. There are a few dynamic exercises similar in some ways to Yoga or sometimes called Dao Yin Dao Yoga.

Once learned can be put into a 30 min workout to maintain great mobility and health. The exercises are simple and fun to learn and can be added to any exercise regime and are repeated weekly so they can be learned step by step…

Connect with the body, Improved breathing, Improved posture, Develop core strength, Deep relaxation, Release stress.

Class times
City Centre, No 4 Buttermilk Lane

Dao Body movement
Monday September 9th
8 week basic course €70

Tai Chi Chuan 8 pm
8 week course €70

Burren Nature sanctuary
Dao Body movement
Starts tuesday 10th september 7 pm
8 week course €70


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